SLITEN6IX was founded in 2011 and too many is considered the first underground metal band in Cambodia. As pioneers of the underground music in Cambodia, SLITEN6IX influenced many young Cambodian kids to pick up their guitars and express themselves through rock music. For example, DOCH CHKAE, the protagonist of our previous documentary 《Slumdog Metal》- they were in awe the first time they saw SLITEN6IX live, and immediately began to form their own band. In a relatively conservative and traditional Cambodian environment, SLITEN6IX’s band members endure the rejection of their society, most of all from their parents who simply can’t comprehend what they do. However, Tin, Alan, Nara, and Billie’s mission is clear as day to them —— to be innovators and torch bearers for the underground music industry in Cambodia, and to give more courage to young kids who love music but are too afraid to express it.
A short documentary directed by Zhao Renxiu
Presented by Subtropical Asia