Meet Diskoria Selekta!

The DJ duo from Jakarta is making Indonesian old school disco great again – a genre that has long been labeled as so uncool in its home country, that you could even get banned for playing it in the club.
Their Suara Disco Parties are a colourful get-together of people of all classes, religions and age groups. Even muslim girls with hijabs, a rare sight in Indonesian night-life, show up to dance to the classic Indonesian disco tunes from the 70s and 80s.
Diskoria’s unexpected fame even brought a fallen Icon from the past back into the limelight: the legendary Fariz RM, who had to serve time in jail for drug abuse and is now 59. He says: “What they have done, is more than just throwing a party, its a movement!”

Directed by: Zhao Renxiu & Fabian Peltsch
Presented by :Subtropical Asia