This is the story of how she found peace from anxiety in this truly extreme situation.

“At the end of 2019, I left Shanghai, where I have lived for more than ten years, and returned to my hometown Huanggang, a city not far from Wuhan.

At that time, I was seriously ill and had lost more than ten kilos. My father was hospitalized after a surgery. Just when I felt it could not get worse, the Coronavirus broke out.

My mum is a doctor. We realized the extent of the epidemic early before the city was locked down. The major hospitals ran out of supplies, and I began to raise money for my mother’s hospital.

In those days, I often went to bed late at night. I felt sore all day. Every night I told myself, don’t reply the messages, but I can’t stop. That kind of anxiety and worry makes me dare not to take rest, I secretly wipe tears when no one recognized me.

One day a friend told me “you should pay attention to your mental health.” It was then that I suddenly realized that the lingering fear and despair needs to be released, so I began to draw pictures to deal with it in a more peaceful way.

In front of the disaster, there is not only sadness and resentment, but also endless warmth and emotion. I hope you can feel a little of that in my tiny artworks, a bit of comfort and faith.”

Illustrated by Chinese artist 宝大银who lives in Huanggang, the second most affected epidemic center after Wuhan.