VARTEY GANIVA, our good friend from Cambodia just released her catchy new single “Chob Chur” (Stop Hurt), along with a fascinating music video.
Chob Chur is translated in a metaphorical sense “stop being a drama queen and move on!” The song talks about the moment when loves transcends into solidarity for human nature.
The warrior woman in the video represents vulnerability, but vulnerability as a strength and source for courage.

Video concept & Production: Yab Moung Cambodia

Music & Lyrics: Vartey Ganiva &  Timon Seibel

Filmed by :Nara Tsitra

Yab Moung told us that the budget was close to zero, which is hard to believe cause the result is more than solid! With this work they continue inspiring young Cambodians, who have to cope with life under tough conditions. Much respect, as usual.

Want to know more about Vartey Ganiva? You can check this short documentary which was produced by us in 2018.

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