The kids of Fish Island Community Arts Centre sing Iggy Pop’s <MONSTER MEN> !!!! a special music video produced by Julien Poulson (The Cambodian Space Project) and the team at FICAC.

It was a scorching 38 degree day when got down to shooting this clip. This is a work that has been created at FICAC’s International Women’s Day filmmaking workshop over a full day of planning and shooting Monster Men followed by another full day of editing the footage and finally having the whole cast and crew check out our little world premiere! at Full Moon Pizza Night – here at FICAC.

The song is played by Sou Sou Band who first came out of Srey’s School of Rock at KAMA. Sou Sou Band chose to do at a time when The Cambodian Space Project were recording and producing the Angkor Pop compilation – a tribute to Iggy with a selection of Cambodia/Western fusion groups.

These kids here at FICAC are all from disadvantaged fishing and farming communities on the island but are super keen to learn new skills and are reaching for the stars! but as you can see, they’re all-stars, and can have brilliant futures, the sky’s the limit, given the right opportunities. So, here’s some bright shining lights and a good news story in this dire time of coronavirus concerns.